Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is CSGO.CASH?

    CSGO.CASH is a service that allows CS:GO players to instantly turn their skins into cash. The main advantage of our service is our wide choice of payment methods with fast money transfer in any currency.


    A transaction takes no more than five minutes. You receive your cash immediately upon the transaction being confirmed.

  • How is the price of skins determined on CSGO.CASH?

    The price is determined on the basis of the average price on available trading platforms, as well as sales statistics for these items. Our service will offer you the highest price available for your skin. Please note that the value of the skin may vary.

  • What skins do we buy?

    We accept almost all skins, including all the common-grade skins. The latter you can sell in packs of four. There are only a small number of skins which have no value for our community that our service does not accept.

    These are displayed in your inventory like this:

  • What do you need to trade on CSGO.CASH?

    To make a trade, you will need:

    1. An active Steam account without VAC BAN on CS:GO;
    2. An attached Steam mobile application to confirm the transfer of in-game items, installed at least seven days prior to the trade;
    3. Steam account privacy settings set to "Public";
    4. Your Trade URL for the trade with our bot;
    5. A trade amount in excess of $1 / 1 EUR / 75 RUB / 25 UAH.

  • How to confirm a trade offer from CSGO.CASH?

    After you click the "Get Money" button, our service will redirect you to the page where you will need to confirm your trade in Steam.
    At that point, our bot will send a trade request to your Steam account.

    To confirm the trade in your account, click the "Confirm Trade" button. You will be redirected to the page of current open trades in your Steam account.


    Select and confirm the trade with the CSGO.CASH bot in new window In the trade offer from CSGO.CASH, and also on our site you will see a unique security code that will help protect the trade from fraud. Confirm the trade only you have successfully cross-checked these codes!


    If security codes match, click to follow “Respond to order” link.

    In the new window select “Ready to trade” and then click on “Accept Trade”.


    Then Steam will prompt you to confirm the trade in your Steam mobile app.


    Warning! If you do not have a Steam mobile application your trade will be held for fifteen days. This means that our bot will not receive your skins for fifteen days, and that it will send money to you only after that! You can cancel this type of trade in your Steam account at any time. For more details on offers with a trade hold, read here.

    Please confirm the trade in the mobile app.

    Select the "Confirmations" tab

    Check the trade offer from CSGO.CASH

    Accept the transaction.

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    If for any reason you cannot confirm a trade offer, please contact our technical support.

    After the trade has been confirmed, our service will inform you that the transaction has been successful and the money will be sent to you via the payment system you have selected within the specified time.

  • What payment methods are available on the site?

    At CSGO.CASH, you can use a wide range of payment systems, such as:


    1. Webmoney (USD, EUR, UAH, RUB);
    2. Paypal (USD, EUR, RUB). The payment system may charge a fee. For more information on fees, click here:;
    3. Bitcoin.

    Unfortunately, certain payment systems have established restrictions on withdrawals based upon the status of your account and their own operational policies.

    There are restrictions associated with your personal wallet status (Webmoney, PayPal).You can find more details on the websites for those payment systems.
    If for any reason you request a transfer to a wallet which puts your balance over the limit, the transfer will not be made. In such cases, our support team will contact you within twelve hours after the transaction or you can contact us yourself.

  • When will I receive money for skins I have sold?

    Funds received from the sale of skins will be sent to your selected payment system immediately after the trade is confirmed in your Steam account. You can check the status of the trade in the "Trade History" section of your profile on the site.

    Please note that sometimes funds may be delayed by the payment system for reasons beyond our control. If you have not received the money within the specified period, contact our online support to determine the reason for the delay.

  • Why don’t I see all the skins in my inventory?

    Unfortunately, our service does not accept all skins available in CS:GO. This is because certain items simply have no value.

  • What do I do if the money has not been credited to my account?

    If the funds have not been delivered to your selected payment system within the specified period, please contact our online support and our specialists will resolve the issue.

  • Why am I not seeing an incoming trade?

    This may be the result of technical problems in Steam. At such times, incoming trades may be inactive.

    If you are sure that Steam is working properly, then the problem may be with our bots. In that case, please contact our technical support and report the problem. We will immediately check the system and fix the error.

  • Guarantees

    Our team worked long and hard developing CSGO.CASH to provide players with the best possible instant skin-purchasing platform. Everything was designed with the goal of enabling you to sell your skins at the highest possible price in just a few minutes.

    Thousands of satisfied customers already appreciate all the advantages of our platform – d now it's your turn!

  • How can you become a regular customer and receive bonuses with your trades?

    What you need to do is receive one or more CSGO.CASH payouts for a total amount of $25 (or an equivalent amount in your local currency). Once you reach this total, you will automatically receive the Silver rank, which comes with a 1% bonus on all your trades. As your trade total increases, you will earn higher ranks, along with bigger bonuses.

  • What is a rank? What are ranks for?

    Your rank is your status or level in the CSGO.CASH bonus program. Ranks are linked to bonuses in the form of a percentage added to payouts. In all, CSGO.CASH has ten available ranks; in other words, you can earn up to 10% in addition to any of your CSGO.CASH trades.

  • Why has the amount necessary to achieve the next rank changed?

    Bonus percentages are determined based on your final payout amount. Unfortunately, certain skins are not eligible for bonuses (usually these are the skins with already reduced commission); because of this, the final amount eligible for bonus may differ from what you have expected. We are unable to provide the list of skins that are not eligible for bonuses because we constantly adjust it.

  • I have added "CSGO.CASH" to my Steam username, but the 1% bonus has not been added.

    If you do not see your username bonus reflected, please do the following:

    1) Sign out of your CSGO.CASH account and sign back in (the SIGN OUT button is at the top of your screen)


    OR, access your account dashboard on the site and press the "Refresh Name" button at bottom right.


    2) Make sure your username reflects the correct spelling of the CSGO.CASH service name. It should look as follows.
    Please keep in mind that the name bonus is applied only if your current bonus level, including all promo-bonuses, does not exceed 7%.

  • How can you earn a higher rank quickly?

    You can earn a 1% bonus if you add the name of our service, CSGO.CASH, to your Steam username. This bonus is applied if your current bonus amount, including all promo-bonuses, does not exceed 7%.

    Our service holds promo events with higher bonuses all the time.

    Follow us on social networks to earn more with every trade!

  • Why is the service notifying me of a trade hold?

    This is most likely due to the fact that you either have not installed Steam mobile authenticator (the mobile app used to confirm trades), or installed it too recently.

    You can learn more about Steam trading rules and the need for the mobile authenticator here.

    Our service lets you sell skins with additional commission of 15% of the trade amount even with trade hold.

  • How do you sell skins with trade hold?

    Our service lets you conduct trades with delays of any length.

    1) When you sell skins with a trade hold, you need to pick the skins, select your payment processing system, and complete a profile form at our site.
    Our service collects additional commission equal to 15% of the trade amount for all transactions with trade hold. This is done in order to compensate for possible changes in the value of your item during the hold period.

    2) Continue by confirming the trade form your Steam account.Please note that the following message may appear as you confirm the trade (the specified period may vary):
    This means that our bot will receive your skins only after the specified delay.


    3) Upon completion of the trade hold period, the skins will be automatically handed over to our bot, and the payment will be processed.

    Please note that payment processing will not commence until our bot actually receives skins from your account. This means that you will receive your payout ONLY at the end of trade hold plus any processing delays specified when you select your payment processing system.

    You can check the status of payment and the delay period on your account dashboard at our website.

    If you need to cancel the requested trade, you may do so at any time after you confirm it from your Steam account.


    If you cancel, the trade is automatically voided and a notification is sent to your email address.

    To reinstate the trade, you will need to complete all the steps once again.

  • How will I know that, upon completion of the hold, the trade has taken place and the payment is on its way?

    Once our bot receives the skins, you will get an email message notifying you that payment processing has commenced. In addition, the status of the deal in the "Payment History" section of your CSGO.CASH account dashboard will be updated.

    After that, you will need to wait for your payment for the period specified when selecting your payment processing system. If you do not receive the payout at that time, please contact our support team to investigate.

  • If I change my mind, can I cancel a trade that is in progress?

    You may cancel a trade with our bot from your Steam account at any time after it is confirmed and before the end of trade hold.


    When you cancel, you will receive an email message notifying you of the cancellation at the address you have specified.

  • Why is there additional commission?

    We collect additional commission for trade hold deals because currency exchange rates and the value of your skin may change during the hold period.

  • Will I get a new rank (or a bonus) after a deal with trade hold is complete?

    After a deal with trade hold completes successfully, the trade amount will be taken into account when determining your next rank.

    Please note that bonuses received earlier do not apply to this type of deals.

  • Why do I need the referral program?

    The referral program is an excellent way to increase your income from the CSGO.CASH site. Receive up to 1.5% from trades of users you referred to our site.

    Simply sign in to our site and follow the Referral Program dashboard link. In the top menu of the page, you will see your affiliate code and URL. You can use them to invite your friends to CSGO.CASH and earn a percentage from their trades.

    Do your friends want to get a bonus right away, too? Fair enough! Friends you refer immediately get a 1% bonus for all their trades.

  • Who is a referred user?

    A referred user is someone who signed up and completed a trade after accessing CSGO.CASH via the unique link provided by you. These users are automatically linked to you by the Steam ID number.

    IMPORTANT: You can refer only new users.

  • An affiliate link? What is that?

    On youraccount dashboard, you can find the unique code and URL that would link a user to your account. This is done so you can receive income from trades completed by the users you have referred.

  • What do I do with the URL/the code?

    You need to promote them any way you can.

    Go to the referral program dashboard (you can access it from the top menu), copy your personal URL, and send it to your friends, or post it to discussion boards or under videos on your YouTube channel; in short, on any platform where others can see the link and follow it.

    The more users you bring in this way, the more you earn!

  • How can I become an affiliate?

    Simply post your affiliate link online.

    That`s it! As soon as you do that, you are our affiliate, and anyone who follows your link is a user referred by you.

  • What is the referral level, and what is it for?

    Your referral level determines your extra income. The more users you refer, the higher your level.

    In other words, initially you earn just 1% extra, but this is far from being the limit. You can raise this number to be as high as 1.5% for each trade by a referred user!

    How does that work?
    It`s very simple. Suppose that twenty people have registered at CSGO.CASH using your link. This means that every new referral after that will let you earn not 1.1%, but 1.2% from each trade.

    What is in it for me?
    The higher your referral level, the more you will get from the trades of each user you have referred. This is an excellent way to increase your passive income from CSGO.CASH.

  • How much can I earn? And how can I collect my earnings?

    You earn between 1% and 1.5% from all trades of the users you refer, regardless of their bonus ranks. In addition, you get from 10 to 40 cents for the first trade of each user your refer.

    For example:

    Each of the 100 users referred by you sold $10 worth of skins for the first time today. The total revenue is $1,000. You receive $35.25. Here`s how:

    The first 5 referrals bring you
    5 x $0.10 (fixed amount per user) = $0.50 and 5 x $10 x 0.01 = $0.50
    Total: $1

    The next 15 referrals:
    15 x $0.20 (fixed amount per user) = $3 and 15 x $10 x 0.011 = $1.65
    Total: $4,65

    The next 80 referrals:
    80 x $0.25 (fixed amount per user) = $20 and 80 x $10 x 0.012 = $9.60

    Final total income: $35.25

    You can receive cash through any payment processing system available on your dashboard. The list of available payment processing systems depends on your choice of currency.

    All proceeds from the referral program are calculated in US dollars. At payout time, the amount is converted to the currency of your choice based on the internal exchange rate. The minimum payout amount is $5 (or an equivalent amount in the currency of your choice).

  • How are my referrals taken into account?

    Each of your new referrals is taken into account once the user you have referred carries out a trade worth at least $1.

  • Rules and Limitations

    1. Only new CSGO.CASH users can be referred;

    2. Multiple accounts are not permitted and will be banned;

    3. All proceeds from the referral program are calculated in US dollars. At payout time, the amount is converted to the currency of your choice based on the internal exchange rate;

    4. The minimum payout amount is $5 (or an equivalent amount in the currency of your choice);

    5. Existing referred users may not create new accounts (see section 2).

  • What should I do if I have lost access to my Steam account or changed Steam accounts?

    If you have lost access to your Steam account or changed Steam accounts, contact our support team. They will help transfer your referrals and your referral level to your new account.


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