How can you sell skins in CS GO at a profit with a bonus


Silver Elite




Silver Master




Gold Nova




Master Guardian




Guardian Elite




Legendary Eagle

$1 500



Eagle Master

$3 000



Supreme Master

$6 000



The Global Elite

$10 000



The Shopkeeper

$15 000


How can you sell CS:GO items at premium prices and earn extra cash?

CSGO.CASH lets customers sell items and earn up to 10% more. What do you need to do? Play CS:GO regularly, sell skins, and have a bonus added to each payout. Increase your payouts by 10% by unlocking 10 bonus ranks*.

Start selling skins at better prices right away as you accumulate additional bonuses in our special system.


The greater the total value of your trades, the greater the percentage that we add to the prices of weapons in your inventory, which means bigger payouts for you. The system automatically increases your ranking as you reach a specific amount, and makes the calculation for your next trade with a bigger bonus**.

Would you like to get an extra 1% right away?

Add "CSGO.CASH", the name of our service, to your Steam username, for example, CrazyMax_CSGO.CASH. Once your username refreshes the next time you connect to the service, our smart bots will automatically recognize the name and add an extra one percent to your trade amount***!


Are you an active user who visits CSGO.CASH every day? Great!

This means that you can earn even more: follow our announcements of promo events and special offers that happen all the time, take advantage of them, and increase the size of your bonuses or your current ranking!

Play with your friends, visit our service together, and earn even more by taking part in our weekly super-drawings!

The base currency of the bonus program is US dollars (USD). This means that the amount required in order to reach a specific rank, as expressed in other currencies, may fluctuate with the exchange rates; however, it always remains linked to the prices of CS:GO skins in USD.

You get to keep all of the ranks you have unlocked regardless of changes in prices of the items you had sold or currency exchange rates.

Thanks to our loyalty system, you no longer need to look for places where you can get better prices for your skins! Trade, earn ranks, and keep on earning even more with CSGO.CASH!

How can you get extra bonuses?

* Ranks apply only to the account from which the corresponding trades were made.
** Bonus percentages are added to the payout amount; certain skins are excluded.

Still have questions?

Ask our support manager right now!


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