What is Steam and How Does it Work

What is Steam and How Does it Work


Today, we want to tell you what Steam is and how you can use it correctly. Despite the fact that millions of players constantly use this service, not everyone understands what it exactly is.


half-lifeMany players think that this famous service from Valve has always existed. However, it was created back in 1996 when two Microsoft programmers, Michael Harrington and Gabe Newel, decided to create a new 3D shooter that would not have any analogues in the world. This was the beginning of the Half Life game.


In addition to the fact that the game was the first commercial success of Valve, it became the basis for the development of another game – Counter Strike. It first came out in 1999 as a modification to the aforementioned Half Life. The Steam service today is directly associated with CS.




Since the presentation of Steamcsgo-valve-gabe to the world community in 2002, the service has been constantly updated. Numerous changes and improvements included anti-cheat, online game rooms, DLC, redesign, and a new interface. The relentless and sleepless work of programmers turned it into an advanced service in the gaming industry, which attracted an innumerable number of gamers.


Another successful solution of the service management was the introduction of the Steam Wallet, which allowed earning selling the skins of such games as DOTA 2 and Team Fortress 2. This also was an impetus for the development of CSGO trading websites, which later provided players with the opportunity to sell things and turn them into real money.


The growth of the service audience turned it into a giant of digital distribution and allowed the company’s management to earn a lot of money. Steam still doesn’t have a function of withdrawing money for players.




In 2013, developers introduced the customization and personalization of the appearance for the players. This was a new era of Counter Strike and skins.


The opening of CSGO cases and purchases of expensive things like Dragon Lore became very popular among users who were willing to pay for a beautiful weapon and distinctive features of the character. This, in turn, had a very positive impact on the company’s financial performance. Simply put, the service became a giant in the turnover of money. Many competitors envied its successes in the gaming industry. Nevertheless, the merit of the company for the global game community cannot be overestimated. The business model of Steam has already been adopted by Activision, Blizzard, and others.


Ordinary players also have the opportunity to earn the money. We’re talking here about the ways of how to earn on CSGO trading.




The Steam service allows its users to exchange various things from inventory with each other. To do this, you need to set up your profile. In the profile settings, go to My Privacy Settings and in the Inventory menu check the box Open. After that you can get a link to the exchange. With its help (post on a third-party service or forward to a friend), you can make an exchange or a trade. You can find your link in the inventory in the Exchange Offers tab. On the right, there is the button that says Who can send me exchange offers. Or simply follow the following link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/me/tradeoffers/privacy




Before you start trading, you need to estimate your CS:GO inventory. Some skins for knives, gloves, and other things cost several thousand dollars. Therefore, professional traders pay a lot of attention to the trading floors where they can get the maximum revenue.


The cost of this or that skin is initially formed on the service of digital distribution. But it doesn’t necessarily need to be the most expensive one there. Conditions are equally disadvantageous for both the buyer and the seller. The former will need to pay a commission for the sold items. The latter won’t be able to withdraw the money received from the trade of things, for example, on Yandex. Money or PayPal.


In this case, unofficial trading floors, where you can sell things, come to the rescue. Of course, there are many of them online and they all have advantages and disadvantages. However, one thing remains unchanged – it is much more profitable to trade here.




First of all, instant sale services have no commission (or it is very small). Secondly, there is no need to wait for the buyer for a long time. CSGO.CASH is an undisputed leader among such platforms.


There are several prerequisites for this. Before the launch of the service, we read hundreds of reviews on social networks and thematic forums, examined the problems faced by players, and studied the main claims to existing services. This experience was used to create our platform.


Our goal is simple – we want to create a first-class platform for selling things that would have no competitors. Our service is easy to use. It is concise in design and fast.





To sell your CSGO items, you need to register on the website. We got rid of the authentication through the mail and now you can instantly register using your Steam account. After a successful login, choose skins and weapons that you want to turn into real money. For the convenience of selling skins, we added a sorting system. You will find the necessary things in your inventory in just two clicks. 


Then choose the payment system. It can be Qiwi, Webmoney, Visa cards, and many other methods. On our service, you can find all the most popular services in the CIS. After choosing the payment system, confirm the exchange with the website bot and wait for the money. The evaluation of the CSGO inventory will be fair and you will be charged no additional commissions. Everything is fast, honest, and simple. If you still have not found a place where you can sell the Steam inventory, then welcome to CSGO.CASH. There is also a bonus system for regular users.



Trade bot is the user registered on Steam, with whom you can conduct various exchange transactions. The only difference is that it works automatically and represents a third-party platform. When you make a transaction on a similar service, you receive an offer to exchange from the trade bot in your account. At this stage, you give your skins to the service.




Here is the list with the most expensive CSGO skins:

  • AUG Akihabara  - 700.00 USD;


  • AK-47 Fire serpent - 4799.00 USD;


fire serpent


  • AWP Medusa - 1299.00 USD!



If you are the lucky owner of at least one of the skins listed above, hurry to make a deal and get real money quickly and easily.

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