Many players want to sell their skins quickly and for real money. In this article, we’ll tell you how to sell your skins.


Skins in CSGO became a kind of cult and an indicator of prestige for the player. The cooler skins you have, the better you look in the eyes of your teammates and opponents. This does not affect the level of the game but it’s much more pleasant to play with Dragon Lore, rather than with some consumer items for $0.03. In addition, expensive CSGO skins can be sold for real money.


Sometimes, you are tired of old equipment and would like to sell it for good money. Or maybe you have a lot of cheap skins you would like to get rid of. Or maybe you generally decided to stop playing CS: GO. In such situations, you ask yourself where and how you can sell skins for real money. Since you can’t withdraw money from Steam, you have to look for an alternative that will help you to trade things on favorable terms.


At first, let’s talk about the trading on the forums. The main disadvantage of this option is that it might take a long time before you find a buyer.


Another option is trading floors. However, there are also some disadvantages. You’ll have to queue up for an intermediary bot that will help you sell your drop. However, you should always be prepared for the fact that it might simply be blocked and your place in the queue will disappear along with the opportunity to sell your skins.



The ideal way to sell your skins is to use instant selling skin services. This is an excellent trade of CSGO things because the money immediately comes to your account and the income from the transaction can be very high. However, even here there is a risk of getting on scammers.


In order to avoid scammers, you need to collect as much information about the resource where you are going to sell your skins as possible. This must be done first of all in order not to use websites that deceive users and steal their money.


Before you start trading on a platform find out the following:

  • Check the reviews of users of the website
  • Find out if the user support works
  • Find out how fast you can sell skins and withdraw your money
  • Read about the guarantees the service offers



Only once you are 100% sure that the website is reliable, you can start selling your things.




It is recommended to surf the net and look for different offers on the market. We can surely say that all your searches will ultimately take you to CSGO.CASH. This is a number one service among the online platforms of instant selling of skins. We have developed this service specifically to help players earn money on the skins they sell.


In order for you not to have any doubts about our service we suggest that you study our website in detail by reading the FAQ section and testimonials from real users. You can also read the comments in our groups on VK and other social networks, as well as find positive reviews from video bloggers on YouTube.


You can be absolutely sure that CSGO.CASH is a reliable website. This is an ideal place for selling your CSGO skins for real money.


On the service, you can find all kinds of skins even the cheapest and the most useless ones.




How can you sell weapons on CSGO.CASH as quickly as possible? To get rid of your CSGO inventory, you need to do just a couple of clicks with your mouse. First of all, log in through your Steam account. This is the fastest and easiest way to authorize on the website. This procedure is also necessary in order to synchronize your skins and weapons with CSGO.CASH servers.


The next step is to choose the items you want to sell. There is a system of instant sorting that helps you find the needed object very quickly.


After that, CSGO.CASH servers will evaluate your weapons inventory checking it on the most popular trading platforms taking into account the sales statistics for this item. Then, the highest price is proposed.


Once our website estimates the value of your things, you need to choose the payment system through which you will get your money:

  • Yandex. Money
  • PayPal
  • Webmoney
  • Visa
  • Bitcoin
  • Others





Since the CSGO.CASH service operates worldwide, you can get your money in any preferable currency: UAH, rubles, dollars, or euros. Note that some payment systems have a minimum amount of withdrawal.




Once you have completed all the actions described above, you will need to confirm the exchange in your personal Steam account. Then, after confirmation, click on the Sell button and wait for your money transfer.


Our website sends money instantly. However, the payment system you have chosen may have some delays. Do not panic in this situation. Just wait a little and the money will come into your account. If you still have not received the money, you can contact our technical support through the chat on the website or send an e-mail. Our support team works round the clock 24/7 and will quickly answer all your questions and solve the problems that have arisen in the course of the trade.  Forget about long searches for the buyer who would buy your skins. Sell your inventory easily and get real money on the CSGO.CASH website.

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