Where to Sell CS:GO Cases Onlin

Where to Sell CS:GO Cases Online

If you don’t know how to sell CS GO cases online, then this article will be useful for you. In the CS GO game, you can often get military cases with various hidden items. Everyone who gets a case usually wonders whether it is worth opening it or better selling it at a good price. Therefore, many users try to find the answer to the question – how quickly they can sell a case?

At first, let’s find out what the cases are. In short, this is the inventory item in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive that contains skins. At the moment, there are many cases in the game. For the last five years, more than 25 cases have been added.

Each case contains specific items. You can view the items by simply pointing the mouse cursor on the case. When you open it, a random item drops out of the case. The more expensive the item, the less likely it is that it will drop out from the case. Things from each case are related to a collection, which is named exactly like the case.

To open the case, you need the right key. For example, the Hydra Case cannot be opened with the Glove Case Key. You can open it using only the Hydra Case Key. You can purchase the keys on the Steam platform itself, on the third-party trading platforms, or from sellers on thematic forums. The cost varies but usually it's $2 – $3.

Where to Find Cases in CSGO

There are several ways to get cases in CS GO. The first one is to get it for the achievements in combat. The second one is to buy it on Steam or another website on the internet (prices vary from 30 cents to $10). The third option is to exchange with other users on forums or groups in social networks.

You can also get the cases on special opening services. Of course, not all of them give a high drop-chance. Therefore, you should pay special attention to the selection of such a service. One of the reliable and proven service is KUYCASE.com or Hellcase, which gives out good skins. There are no difficulties in using the platform. Log in through your Steam account, replenish the account using any convenient payment system, and you can start opening the cases.



How to Trade Cases on Forums?

If you do not want to open the case, there are good chances to get money for it. A new case can cost $10 so you can sell it and get real money for it. But where can you do that?

You can use cases as a bet on roulette websites. They can be sold at a good price on such services. As a bonus, you get skins, which you then resell on trading floors.

You can also sell cases that appeared in your inventory on forums and groups in social networks, which specialize in the subject of CS GO. You can almost always find a topic where users negotiate about transactions. Leave your ad with the description of the case and the price and wait until someone would want to buy it.

Of course, this may take some time. In order to somehow speed up this process, you can post the ads on several websites at once. When there is a buyer, negotiate the terms and exchange the case using Steam. Often, buyers require things and cases forward and only after an exchange they promise to pay for it. Thus, such deals may be a scam so exchange only if you are sure of the buyer. If not, it’s better to refuse. After all, in case of fraud, you won’t be able to return the things that were sold. Alternatively, you can look for a guarantor that will help in the transaction.


Platforms to Exchange Skins

If you do not want to look for buyers yourself, you can use the exchange websites to sell cases. This is a good option because such websites have a fairly large audience that really buys skins. In addition, you can put the price on your case yourself. Usually, you can find a buyer pretty fast. If it is taking a while to sell the skin, try to reduce the price.

You are exchanging a case for skins and not for real money. Therefore, using this method, you will have to look where to sell them, which will also take time. You can read more about how to exchange skins and cases in our article “How to exchange CS GO skins.”


Website for Instant Case Purchases



You can avoid all the troubles at all and sell your cases on our CSGO.CASH service. This is the most optimal option where you can sell CS GO cases for real money. The trade is the same as when selling any other items. Authorize using your Steam account, then select the payment system. The website then loads all the inventory, including your cases. You can immediately see the price the service is ready to offer you. Confirm the transaction and exchange with our Steam bot. Then you just have to wait until the payment comes. Usually, it takes no more than 5 minutes.

As you can see, it is not difficult at all to trade the cases. You are free to deal with your cases as you like - open them or exchange them with other players. But if you want to get real money, do not hesitate to sell them on our CSGO.CASH service and instantly get real money.

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