How to Earn Real Money on CSGO?

How to Earn Real Money on CSGO?


csgo-team-logosCS: GO has long become a way to earn real money. Let’s see what you need to do in order to get real money into your account for selling the skins.

Millions of players play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Every day, the game is downloaded and installed by hundreds of players. According to Steam, despite recent releases of new products, such as Tekken 7 or Overwatch, CS: GO is always in the top ten bestselling games on the service. The contra is also getting popularity as an e-sports discipline. Many players go to international tournaments or watch their live broadcasts online. For many, CS has become a way to earn money. This has become a business, which attracts investors, advertisers, and, of course, those who want to get profit.

You can find many gurus online who try and teach you how to make money playing CSGO. They offer a variety of ways. But they are usually inconsistent, intricate, and difficult. It seems that the authors of such texts and videos try to confuse their viewers and discourage their desire to delve into the topic. We decided to tell in detail about all the ways you can make money playing the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Making Money on E-Sports or Betting


The most profitable way to get money in CSGO is an e-sports career. Professional players who play in world-famous teams have high salaries and great popularity. Of course, this is the glossy side of professional e-sports. In fact, there is a different side to it. First, there is a fierce competition in the market between the players themselves and between the teams, sponsors, investors, and other interested parties. Secondly, players devote almost all of their time to this occupation.


Many players dream of getting on top of the cyber-Olympus but the path is long and thorny. Although those who can overcome it, in the end will receive in full. It is important only to realistically assess your expectations and skills.


There are also other ways of getting real money for CSGO. As an option, these are bets and all sorts of pools. The method is very doubtful because everything depends on luck. Of course, there are bookmakers who manage to follow all the trends in e-sports, changes in the composition of teams, understand how this will affect the behavior of the timeline in the game, and so on. All this information, of course, will help guess the possible winner but in the end, everything is decided by chance.


It’s hard to predict the outcome of the game in CSGO. Therefore, the chances of losing money are high enough. Nevertheless, given the number of bookmakers and gamblers in the network, we had to mention this option.


Streaming CSGO or Make a Video?

Fans of Contra, who play well, try their hand at streaming. This is quite a self-sufficient way to earn both money and fame. Broadcasts of popular game streamers are watched by thousands of people. All this is converted into earnings at the expense of donations and promotional offers from companies. In technical terms, it is not very difficult. You need a computer that will be able to load CSGO in 300–400 fps, a good camera, and a microphone. The streamers gather an audience mainly through contests, drawings, and advertising on popular public sites and communities in social networks, such as VK and others.


Here, as elsewhere, there is serious competition. Therefore, before seriously getting into streaming, you need to come up with your own unique thing, which will interest the viewer. Of course, the broadcast itself should be interesting. Then the success will not take long.


Streaming is also connected to another way of making money in CSGO – videos. As you probably know, YouTube users are a separate group of people who have learned to earn good money by filming and uploading their videos on the website. Such content is very popular among viewers. Let’s look at the numbers. SuperData analytical portal ( estimated that the global audience of the video game content reached 665 million viewers, and the approximate revenue for 2017 will be $4.6 billion.


In order to shoot a video about CSGO, you will need a powerful computer that will be able to load various programs. You can also use the built-in YouTube video editor but it’s rather complicated and inconvenient. Although, it might be good for beginners.


The most important thing is to think over the main idea of the channel, the style of content, and how often you will be uploading videos. Good videos are more likely to be infected with viruses, getting more views and likes, which are converted into money due to donations from users, YouTube’s partner program, and commercials for third-party companies.


What Are the Advantages of Trading CSGO Skin?

An alternative way to make money in CSGO is trading with various skins and things using Steam. This is one of the easiest and fastest ways to earn on CS: GO.


Of course, you can’t make money if you’re new in the game but if you’ve been playing CSGO for a long time, you probably have enough things in your inventory that you do not use. You can, of course, exchange it with other players but that’s not enough to earn money since Steam does not have a function of withdrawing money. Here, you will need our instant skins selling service – CSGO.CASH.




How to Withdraw Real Money from CS:GO?

Our service is designed specifically for players who are looking for ways to sell skins for real money. Log on to the website using your Steam account, select the skins for sale and the payment system. Then, confirm the transaction with our bot and wait for the money to come.


The CSGO.CASH service has been operating on the market for a long time and thousands of players who have successfully sold skins and received money are certain of its reliability. We value our reputation and appreciate each of our users. We also offer a convenient bonus system that will increase your revenue by 10%. Just play CSGO, get a drop, and then sell it on our service. If you have already sold all the skins but still want to earn money, then use our affiliate program, which will help you receive income from all transactions made by your friends.



How Does the CSGO.CASH Referral Program Work?

Once you registered on our service, a unique link is assigned to your Steam ID, which you can distribute on any websites – social networks, forums, descriptions to your videos, and so on. Referral is the user who has clicked on your link and made a trade on our website. They are automatically assigned to your account. From each transaction made by your referral, you receive additional interest into your account. Accordingly, the more referrals you will refer to our service, the higher your income will be.


As you can see, there are a lot of options to make money on CSGO. You just have to choose the one you like the most and begin earning money. Perhaps, you can even offer your own way of making money by simply playing games. The main thing is your desire.

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