Types of Skins on CS:GO

Types of Skins on CS:GO


A beginner playing CS:GO game can often get confused seeing all the variety of things and skins in the game. We have decided to help you and prepared a guide that will tell you everything about the types of skins in CS. For many players, the beauty and uniqueness of skins are not important as well as the possibility to talk about them while sending personal messages on Steam, when people ask where they can get such a cool AWP. Everything is much simpler. Having an in-game drop allows you to earn real money by selling it on trading floors. This is the reason many players adore contra. This is a good option to earn some extra money. In this blog, we’ll tell you about all the variety of skin weapons in CS:GO. You will learn about their classifications and other useful information.


What Is Rarity?

No matter how well you know counter strike, it’s best to start from the very beginning. Not only this will help you remember the basic nuances, but also, perhaps, learn something new. Therefore, we recommend that you read our articles – “How to Sell CS:GO Skins" and “How to Withdraw Money from Steam.”.


Let’s first talk about such a notion as rarity. There is a certain hierarchy of rarity of objects in the game:


csgo-grade●    White – the most common skins
●    Light blue – skins of the industrial grade
●    Dark blue – skins of military specification
●    Purple –restricted skins
●    Pinkish purple – classified skins
●    Red – covert skins









There is no need, probably, to say that in order to obtain the maximum profit, it is necessary to receive the secret things of the CS:GO. The price of certain items reaches thousands of dollars. Could anyone think that it would cost that much back in 2013 when this feature just appeared? Hardly.


Types of Weapon Exterior Quality in CS:GO


The drop system does not stop here. There is also such a thing as the exterior quality of weapons in CS:GO. In total, there are five types of weapon exterior in the game. Below, they are listed from the worst to the best:

  • Battle-scarred
  • Well-worn
  • Field-tested
  • Minimal wear
  • Factory new




What qualities does the weapon exterior quality affect? It affects the quality of the paint. The factory new weapon will be beautiful, without scratches, dents, or abrasions. But the field-tested weapon won’t be as good. The factory new weapons do not become field-tested over time and will always be beautiful and worth something on trading floors. However, do not be upset if you get a worn out Karambit Doppler. The rarity of weapons is a much more important parameter. The wear quality does not greatly reduce the price of the received drop.


StatTrak Technology and Souvenir Weapons


The StatTrak technology also influences the price of any weapon. It allows you to track the number of kills you have committed with this particular weapon during the entire playing time. This is an extremely cool thing that significantly increases the cost of each item from about ten to a thousand dollars, or even more, depending on the rarity the object possesses.




In addition, there are souvenirs. These are skins that can be obtained as a result of an event or a tournament. In the inventory, these items are gold. Otherwise, they are not much different from other skins.


CS:GO Gloves


CS:GO gloves are special items that can be found only in the case called Glove Case. The idea to give players an opportunity to change the gloves their characters wear appeared in November 2016. The gaming community accepted this idea favorably. After all, this would not only increase the variety of skins but also give the opportunity to earn more.




Why are they so special? The fact is that the CS:GO gloves have their own rules. They do not support StatTrak and they have only one type of rarity, which is called extraordinary. In fact, this is an analog of a secret type but it is worth noting this fact. The gloves have the wear quality as well.


The Best and Most Expensive CS:GO Skins


The best CS:GO skins will allow you to become rich and buy one of the best PCs, a new iPhone, a bicycle, or a console – simply anything you might want.

  • AK-47 Bloodsports. This is one of the best Kalashnikov that was ever added to the game. You can get it from Spectrum Case. All you need to do is to buy, open, and hope that the servers will work well.




  • 3 knives – Karambit Doppler, Lore, and Marble Fade. karambit-marble-fadekarambit-dopplerkarambit-lore You can receive $1,200, $1,000, and $800 for each of them, respectively. You can get them in Gamma and Gamma 2 Case.




  • AWP Dragon Lore is one of the best. It can cost $1,780.




This is not all. There are hundreds and thousands of skins and many of them can help you earn large sums of money.


How to Sell CSGO Skins? 

More information about how to sell skins you can find in our article “How to quickly sell CS:GO skins?” or you can use our CSGO.CASH service, which will help you sell skins quickly and without problems. This won’t take much of your time. Simply register on the website, insert your link for the exchange, and choose the most convenient payment system. After that, the service will load inventory that you can sell. Choose the skins you want to sale and confirm the transaction with our bot in the Steam service. This is all. Now, wait until the payment system will transfer money to your account.




Where You Can Sell CSGO Knives?

CSGO knives are one of the most favorite skin types of players, which costs decent money. For example, the price for Shadow Daggers can be from $220 to $350 dollars and this is not the limit. That is why it is very profitable to sell the knives. The sale process is the same as when trading with other skins. Therefore, if you have an expensive knife and you would like to earn money, then do not hesitate to use the CSGO.CASH service. We buy out all kinds of knives, offering good prices.


Why CSGO Weapons Are the Best?

Having new popular skins or cool knifes make the gameplay so much more exciting. The teammates and opponents envy that you have such cool weapons. You may feel yourself like a collector who received a rare jewel. In addition, you can always sell the skins and earn good money, which you can spend on anything you want in real life. The best place for such a trade is our CSGO.GO service.

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