Many users are wondering how they can get skins in CSGO for free. There are many options and we will tell about the most popular of them.

The ability to customize your character in Counter Strike first appeared in 2013, along with the release of the Arms Deal update. Players liked the idea of changing the appearance of their characters and they were ready to pay for this service. The skins instantly became popular and Gabe made a profit from it increasing his fortune to $4.3 billion. In addition, some players began to make their own skins to make extra money. The skins of various types and designs began to appear on Steam.



After a while, there were many guides online that taught users how to create skins. You can also read about how you can create skins in our blog. (THE LINK TO THE ARTICLE How to create your own skin (weapon or thing) once it becomes available)

Since the demand for skins is high, the prices for the rarest skins were high as well. Not every player can pay $500–$600 for the Karambit knife. Therefore, players began to look for ways how to get all skins in CSGO for free. Let’s see how you can do that.


The first and probably the simplest answer to the question “How to get free CSGO skins?” is simply spending more time playing the game. The system works in such a way that the number of skins directly depends on the time spent in the game. The biggest chance to get a drop for free is the beginning of the reporting period. Accordingly, the more time is on the game counter, the lower the chances of getting skins for free. Every week, on a night from Wednesday to Thursday, this counter is reset to zero and the circle repeats.


The higher the uniqueness class of the skin, the less the probability of getting it for free. There are seven uniqueness grades in CSGO:

  • White – consumer grade
  • Blue – industrial grade
  • Dark-blue – military grade
  • Purple – restricted grade
  • Pink – classified grade
  • Red – covert grade
  • Gold – exceedingly rare grade




It is worth noting that the gold grade can only be obtained by opening cases that appear as a drop. For example, after the competition, the Chroma 3 Case appeared. To open it, you will need a special key that will fit specifically to this case – the Chroma 3 Case Key. You can buy a key on the Steam service or third-party trading platforms. Usually, the cost varies around $2–$3 dollars. After opening the case, the skin randomly drops and appears in the inventory.


How to Get Skins on Roulettes and Cases


Objectively speaking, the chance that you will get a really expensive item is not high. Many players prefer to earn skins on roulette services. There are many such platforms but you need to be careful when choosing them. Users often complain about the unstable operation of such websites, the difficulty in getting skins to their Steam account, and so on.



In practice, all roulettes are an ordinary lottery. Of course, there are several options to increase your chance of winning but it still does not guarantee a 100% result. At first, you need to collect information about the website itself and read the reviews of other users. If you doubt the reliability of the roulette, immediately look for another one. It is also important to determine the maximum limit of costs per day and in no case go beyond it. Play according to your established system. Otherwise, the end will be predictable.


As an option, you can try to play using CSGO cases, which you do not plan to open. They are highly valued on roulette services. Also remember that you will get all the winnings in skins, which then need to be exchanged or sold.


If you do not like roulettes, there are services for opening CSGO cases. They offer good chances to get an expensive thing. Some services, like, give cases with a high drop-chance. To use the service, you need to register using your Steam account and refill it through any convenient payment system. Then open the cases and win different items, which you can also sell and make money on it. Also, there is a convenient referral program.




Another way to get a specific skin is an exchange. You can also do it in several ways. For example, you want to get AWP Asimov. You can find a person who wants to exchange this skin on forums, thematic groups in social networks, or among friends on Steam. Contact this person and offer a deal. If the person is interested in the skin you offer for exchange, make a deal on Steam, and get the AWP Asimov.

The search and negotiation can take really long time. Therefore, an alternative option for getting weapons is skin exchange services. They work automatically and greatly facilitate finding the right things.

You need to choose a certain skin, offer a skin from your inventory for the same price, and wait until the bot makes a deal. More information on how to exchange CSGO skins is here. (LINK TO THE ARTICLE Exchange of CSGO skins)



We advise you to pay attention to the drawings and giveaway, which are often held by various services and platforms. This is a great way to get good skins for free with little effort. For example, on CSGO.CASH, we hold one drawing weekly and arrange a giveaway every Saturday and Sunday. Information and terms of the drawings are usually published in public places and thematic communities in social networks.

Finally, you can get skins using the promotional codes that you can find online, usually, on the roulettes and skin exchange websites. Ultimately, it all depends on your desire to get free skins and the amount of time you are willing to spend on it.





In order to get the item you want, you can sell the skin from your inventory. You can do this using our CSGO.CASH service, which instantly purchases things and pays real money. It works very simple. Login on the website through your Steam account and the service will load your inventory with current prices for things. Then choose any convenient payment system, through which you want to get your money.


Select the skins you want to sell and confirm the deal with our bot in Steam. Once the trade is completed, CSGO.CASH sends the money into your account. Read more about how to sell CSGO things here. (LINKS TO THE BLOG POST HOW TO SELL CSGO SKINS (WEAPONS OR THINGS). You can spend the money to buy the knife or weapon you want.


In addition, there is a bonus system for those who use the platform constantly. Once you register on the website and sell the skins for $25, you will get the first level called Silver and + 1% bonus that will be applied to all your future sales. The more you sell on the website, the higher the level you get. For example, when you sell skins for a total of $500, you will get the Legendary Eagle level, which adds 5% to all trades you make on CSGO.CASH. In total, there are 10 levels in our bonus program. The Shopkeeper level will give as much as +10% to all the transactions you make. All you need do is just play your favorite CS: GO and sell the skins on our service. Do not waste time and start earning right now.

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