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Would you like to sell your CS:GO skins?

Now, any gamer has an excellent opportunity to exchange CS:GO skins for real cash without much effort! CSGO.CASH is just the service you have been waiting for.

Our team worked long and hard developing the CSGO.CASH platform. The result is the best instant skin purchase service. We have done everything to make your trade of CS:GO items a success. Highest prices, fast transactions, no commissions or extra fees of any kind. Take just a few minutes of your time, and receive a cash payment to your account. Sounds tempting, right? Take advantage of the most advanced and reliable service right now, and exchange your skins for real cash!


Each deal is 100% reliable

Integrity and reliability are the core values that guide our work. No deception and no gimmicks. You no longer need to worry about anything when selling your CS:GO items; you can simply receive cash payouts and relax. We value our reputation; therefore, we guarantee that every trade is secure. You and your valuable items are now safe and sound!

As soon as a trade is confirmed from your Steam account, the cash for skins you have sold is automatically sent to the payment system of your choice. When a deal successfully completes and funds are transferred, you receive a notification email. This fine-tuned processing runs automatically, with no problems or glitches.


Broad selection of payment systems

pay systems

One of the main advantages of our service is the breadth of its payment options: Bitcoin, Web Money, PayPal, QIWI and others. These options are sure to include something that will work best for you. A trade of CS:GO items takes no more than five minutes, and the money is sent to you as soon as the deal is complete. Make your wallet grow in just a few clicks.

What if the incredible happened and you ran into technical difficulties while using our service? CSGO.CASH support team is ready to help anytime. We are there for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! You can contact our online support with any questions you might have, or send your query via email. We respond to everyone promptly. Moreover, you will never talk to a bot! Our team members love talking to users in person and resolve any issues with the trading process in real time.

Sell skins

and extra income

We look forward to long-lasting cooperation with our users. This is why we have developed a bonus program for those who are already taking advantage of the features we offer and trading skins on CSGO.CASH on a regular basis. This program lets you earn an even higher income. The ranking system that we use allows you to increase your profit from any deal by up to 10%. And all you need to do to achieve that is keep selling skins at CSGO.CASH, earning money without extra effort!

Thousands of users are already taking advantage of our service`s benefits. Now it`s your turn! Do not delay, earn money quickly with CSGO.CASH.

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