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  • 2018-03-27

    Thrust worthy

    Thrust worthy, even though I was suspicious first, but I have received everything I'm supposed to receive <3

    Alex Zeller

  • 2018-03-26


    Fast and easy ++

    Erwin Krazek

  • 2018-03-23

    i made mistake with my email and they…

    i made mistake with my email and they returned me the money the best site and the best support


  • 2018-03-21

    This is just the best website!!!

    This is just the best website! I had a problem and support helped me in seconds!!! Recommend!

    Александр Брызгалов

  • 2018-03-13

    Not instant but pays

    Not instant but pays. Took about 15 minutes to receive payment, not that long but compare that to where it is literally instant. CSGO.CASH pays higher but can be a little slower than it's counterpart. All in all you can trust this site if you want to sell your skins.


  • 2018-03-8


    This is amazing litterally. 2nd time using it and its flawless 5starts easily


  • 2018-03-01

    Great site !

    very beautiful site! constantly enjoy instant transactions, excellent prices and a very pleasant interface. I have been using for more than a year and I am absolutely satisfied with the result. I recommend! :)


  • 2018-02-28

    Everything works as it should

    Everything works as it should. Live chat is responsive and fast. Very happy.

    Lukáš Baštýř

  • 2018-02-27

    Got my money quick thought it was a…

    Got my money quick thought it was a scam but nope it was dope! thanks

    Sam Hull

  • 2018-02-22

    I have money fast and with out risk :)

    I have money fast and with out risk :) So nice live support <3 RECOMMEND 1oo% !

    Martynika Robel

  • 2018-02-15

    Excellent site

    Excellent site, you can absolutely trust and great people that helping you

    oğuz özalp

  • 2018-02-11


    Excelent, nothing to add


  • 2018-02-01

    Its really good but there was a time …

    Its really good but there was a time when there was a technical difficulty. But the next day it gave me the money


  • 2018-01-29

    I've trading on here once thinking it …

    I've trading on here once thinking it was a fake site, but I actually got a skin I really wanted so that was pretty cool.

    David Ortiz

  • 2018-01-11

    Trusted service, withdraw over 500$

    The service is trusted, I exchanged over 500$ to bitcoin. The time of realization bitcoin payment is quite long. I was waiting about 2 days, but finally I got my money after writing a report. The support wasn't very helpful so if you have simillar problem I recommend to write here. :) I used paypal withdraw two times, and I got money in 15 minutes, so it works well.


  • 2017-10-28

    This site is very good!

    This site is very good!

    Саша Ладиж

  • 2017-10-28

    офигенный сайт.

    офигенный сайт.

    Андрей Матюшенко

  • 2017-10-28

    Всё быстро и качественно,поддержка …

    Всё быстро и качественно,поддержка топовая

    Seray Triceps

  • 2017-10-27

    Очень хароший сайт!Быстрая поддержка …

    Очень хароший сайт!Быстрая поддержка каторая все решит за числениэ менути!<br />Рекомендую сайт :)

    Dragon-Youtube Streams

  • 2017-10-27

    Отличный сайт

    Сайт очень даже неплох. Да, комиссия не из лучших,но моментальная продажа и быстрый вывод денег на огромное количество платёжных систем того стоит. Также следует отметить быструю и качественную помощь модераторов. Рекомендую!


  • 2017-10-26

    Отличный сайт

    Отличный сайт. Вывод денег быстрый, тех поддержка оперативная. Принимаются практически все скины, что тоже большой плюс.)


  • 2017-10-26

    деньги пришли да и за скины они очень …

    деньги пришли да и за скины они очень много дают)) спасибо

    jura davidovich

  • 2017-10-25

    очень крутенски круто пря в щ

    очень круто мне нравится рескпект и уважуха

    caito Demon

  • 2017-10-25

    Всегда продаю на данном сайте

    Всегда продаю на данном сайте. Виведено уже более чем на 3000$ Можно доверять всем советую. Все быстро без задержек


  • 2017-10-24

    Спасибо что вы есть

    Спасибо большое за отличный сайт и обслуживание в целом, отличный, дружелюбный и всегда готовый помочь персонал как и сам сайт радует глаз и душу. Отдельная благодарность работнику - Evgene. Процент здесь хороший, по крайней мере очень безопасно всё и быстро. Ещё раз спасибо, удачи вам Evgene, всему персоналу и процветания сайту. Спасибо, удачи!


  • 2017-10-24

    деньги не пришли на киви

    Привет!!! 2 дня продал скины а деньги не пришли


  • 2017-10-24

    Сработали оперативно исправили все …

    Сработали оперативно исправили все быстро

    Сергей Колтин

  • 2017-10-24

    лучший сервис )

    лучший сервис )


  • 2017-10-23

    Хороший и удобный сайт для быстрого …

    Хороший и удобный сайт для быстрого перевода скинов в реальные деньги, большой + есть много платёжных систем, вывод занимает меньше трех минут: Рекомендую!

    Cover Show

  • 2017-10-23

    Однозначно сайт топ

    Однозначно сайт топ, не обманывают. Деньги пришли. Всем рекомендую.


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How it works?

Only 3 easy steps to start selling your CS:GO skins and get Real Money Super Fast!


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Select items for sell


Get Cash Instantly

Do you want to sell CS:GO skins and get quick cash? It’s easy!

CSGO.CASH is a special service that allows you to sell CS:GO items and get cash quickly. The unique platform, as well as the technical excellence of CSGO.CASH make trades simple and convenient. You don’t need to waste your time and energy getting confused over hard algorithms.

Our system is easy and transparent. Even your grandmother can figure it out!

CSGO.CASH allows all CS:GO players to instantly trade items for real money (receive payouts in any currency through various payment systems). The whole process of selling CS:GO items takes only five minutes: just 3 simple steps to get your money. Check it out for yourself!

How to sell CS:GO skins
and get money from steam

With the advent of CSGO.CASH - withdrawal of money from Steam became a reality! No longer do you need to look for traders, or wait for buyers who always knock down the price.

Just insert your trade link and right away you can start selling weapons and receiving payments on the online payment service of your choice (PayPal, Bitcoin, WebMoney, etc.).


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Still worried that you will not get paid?

Currently 120,536 users have already used CSGO.CASH and have not regretted it! We make hundreds of payouts every day. On the Recent Deals page, you can see all latest transactions that were performed through CSGO.CASH. Please note that information on the transaction amount and the payment system is also reflected on this page. We stand for transparency to ensure that you feel completely protected and that your money or items are promptly delivered to you. The CSGO.CASH service is fully automated. We guarantee the smooth operation. Payments made to our customers in 100% of cases. No fake deals!

Are you still in doubt? See for yourself: there are hundreds of real positive reviews on:

It`s time you check out how easy and profitable it is to sell items and get money from Steam on CSGO.CASH. Sell a few items on the platform -- and collect money right away.


Experiencing a delay
in receiving funds?

Experiencing a delay in receiving funds? Do not worry! You can always contact our 24-hour on-line support! Sometimes it may take 15-20 minutes to receive funds due to processing of some payment systems. We will promptly respond to you and oversee the money transfer.


Our guarantee

CSGO.CASH is a fully automated platform and therefore we assume all the risks associated with potential system errors. For example, if the CSGO.CASH bot is banned after the user has made a trade, the trade will still be considered valid, and the money will be sent to your account!

We guarantee the validity of every operation. Forget the uncertainty and long wait for the funds when you sell CS:GO. With CSGO.CASH service you can immediately withdraw your money.

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  • payment systems
  • payment systems

No fees

How is the cost of the skin determined?

The price of the skin is adjusted depending on the current prices on Steam Market. Some items are appraised individually. For example, the sale commission of some CS:GO items is no more than 20%.

All payouts are zero-fee.* You get instant money sent to any convenient payment system.

Prices are updated every 15 minutes, you should watch for changes to sell your CS:GO skins at the highest price. We do our best to ensure our clients’ profit and satisfaction.

*Standard PayPal payout fee will be applied to the withdrawal amount.

We are always available to help!

Still have questions?
Our technical support team is available around the clock.
We are ready to answer any questions and assist you 24/7.

CSGO.CASH is the best platform for selling CS:GO items,
it is the quickest and easiest way to make money.


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