Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen des Service

This document, together with any other guidelines, policies or instructions published at www.CSGO.CASH, constitutes the legally binding agreement (the Agreement) between CSGO.CASH – as the recreational community service provider (the Service) and you (You) – as a Natural person, who is willing to use facilities provided by the Service expressly for the purpose of entertainment. By accessing the Service, You accept the Agreement and confirm that You (i) fully understand its provisions, (ii) voluntarily agree with them, (iii) are compliant with its requirements.

The usage of Service is only permissible to natural persons over the age of 13. Notwithstanding the abovementioned the consent of your Parent or legal guardian must be obtained prior to such usage unless you’ve reached the age of legal majority according to the law of your jurisdiction of residence. Without prejudice to the foregoing, certain facilities and features of the Service as well as services provided by 3rd parties will remain inaccessible unless You assert your major status. To become eligible to receive full access to the Service, You agree to undergo a two-staged identification and verification procedure, including but not limited to provision of personal data, contact details and documents that can be recognized by the Service, as a trusted source for your identity confirmation.

By signing in with your Steam account provided by Valve Corporation you confirm (i) You will use the Service for recreational purpose only (ii) You assume full responsibility for any actions performed through your user profile and any consequences of such actions including but not limited to losses or damages in any form or tax liabilities arising from possible benefit acquisition as demanded by the legislation of Your jurisdiction of residence (iii) You have no intent to abuse the Service, its facilities and features, or any other 3rd party service providers involved in standard operation process of the Service (iv) you allow the Service to store and use your personal data for the purpose of standard operation process execution and enhancement of the facilities provided by the Service.

The Service will accept no liability for any facilities and services provided by 3rd party, which are subject to their relevant terms and conditions. Your actions in any 3rd party environment including but not limited to Steam account, as well as the result of such actions remains your exclusive responsibility. Neither will the Service accept liability for users’ abuse of 3rd party services as well as any damages that arise from such abuse nor will the Service accept liability for users’ violations of 3rd party legally protected interests and rights as well as any damages that arise from such violations. Any violation of this Agreement may result in profile blocking at exclusive discretion of the Service. This Agreement (i) is subject to unilateral modification by the Service without prior notice (ii) is accepted by You as is, without reservations or exceptions.

Any 3rd party logo, image or trademark is a property of its legitimate owner. Service logo, trademark and design are property of CSGO.CASH. CSGO.CASH not affiliated with Valve Corp.

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